Associate Member

As an associate member, you can enjoy all the amenities of the yacht club for only 40$ per season. This includes access to the clubhouse and facilities, parking, and access to the docks if visiting friends and family. Associate members may not however store a boat on club property, cannot vote at general meetings, nor hold a position on the board of directors. To register, please complete and return the form below along with your registration fee. Application forms can be processed by mail or in person at the clubhouse.


To obtain a full-time berth at the Pointe-du-Chêne Yacht Club, individuals may apply to become shareholders by completing and returning the form below to the clubhouse by email or in person. Upon approval, shareholders gain full access to the yacht club amenities along with their assigned vessel berth. Shareholders may also attend general meetings and can be elected to the board of directors. The available share types are: Class “A” – 25 ft. berth or Class “B” – 20 ft. berth or Class “C” – 35 ft. berth